As the migration to the Cloud Computing, including the multi-cloud model is a complex process for organization, we are offering the set of services related to cloud solutions’ design and architecture, migration process and operations. The offered services cover the whole process of migration, started from business case calculation through the project planning, architecture desgin, migration till the operation and maintenance.

Here is the list of activities performed during that process:

Analysis and design

Deployment operations


As-is and to-be analysis

Migration and deployment

External Cloud Platform

Internal Cloud Platform

Analyze and design

Auditing an as-is architecture

The purpose of the service is to audit current as-is architectures and make a high-level estimation of the possible costs of moving it to the cloud-based architecture, its benefits and impact on IT operations. Also, a high-level schedule of migration could be prepared.

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Deploy and migrate

Deployment to the cloud

The scope of this service will be to prepare a plan and procedures for deployment of applications to the chosen Cloud Provider. It will include automation of deployment, CI/CD pipeline setup and other necessary activities.

Cloud adaptation

Development and customisation of the systems

The scope of this service will be to prepare a detailed design and development of changes in IT systems needed for a migration to the Cloud Computing model (inclduing multi-cloud), according to the architecture prepared in previous step and the schedule of the project.

Cloud devops operations

Maintenance and operation

The purpose of this service is to prepare operational tools and procedures for typical maintenance and operation actions for a cloud-based deployment such as: 

  • Deployment of the new version of software 
  • Monitoring and operational reporting 
  • Backup 
  • Security and authorisation 

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