The project responds to the problem of efficient processing of large data. Migrating to the cloud and using the serverless model will increase efficiency, especially for applications with variable demand for computing power. Serverless computing is the next stage in the evolution of the cloud. In this model, the application consists of the so-called functions that use external IT resources depending on the needs. The fee is charged for the time of use, reducing costs. There are no tools for serverless developers on the market.

The use of large data creates specific perspectives for optimizing urban transport – meaning mobility – where the number and diversity of available data is constantly increasing. The effective processing of this huge pale of data will enable the improvement of the efficiency of means of transport and the quality of services provided by operators, translating into reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, improvement of air quality and comfort of living in the city. As part of the project, we will develop a method and tool for migrating to the cloud and the serverless model, supporting companies and public entities..