Customer success stories

Financial solutions

AI Investments

The start-up AI Investments uses AI in a self-improving platform for optimizing an investment portfolio in a complete trading solution for the global markets, including a diversified way of signalling transactions, determining market conditions, and managing exposition.

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Mobility solutions

The mobility data provider

CE-Traffic is a provider of traffic and mobility information services for private businesses and the public sector. We use anonymised location data from hundreds of thousand connected GPS devices to monitor and analyse road traffic information.

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Designers solutions


Renderro is a cloud-based workplace for audiovisual content creators, designers and creative people. It uses powerful solutions, making them available in exchange for traditional, expensive workstations for its projects. MELODIC fits perfectly into the need to process huge files.

Real time augmented reality solutions

Airport Security app

Augmented reality application for Airport Security allows to identify terrorists and other suspected persons in the real time. It significantly increases security level, as the most dangerous persons are indentified in the real time and allows the security service to take proper actions.

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Secure solutions

SaaS Application

One innovative, cloud-based service is the Secure Documents SaaS application provided by is an experienced ICT company, which specializes in the development of the innovative and novel cloud-based services and systems. Secure Documents use case enables a complete, secure work flow of documents, using the most advanced encryption with distributed, asymmetric keys.

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CRM solutions

Cloud-based CRM

CAS Software is providing the cloud-based customer relationship (CRM) software ‘SmartWe’. This solution supports user specific workflows coming from various business areas. With the help of SmartWe’s software development kit (SDK) and UI tools, both users and CAS development partners can adapt existing apps or develop new apps for the SmartWe platform.

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