Cloud computing in Poland

Cloud competences of companies in Poland 2020

This is a title of research developed in February and March 2020. The results were gathered and published in the report. 1st part was published in April and the 2nd part in June.

  • What’s the overall level of cloud competences in Poland?
  • Which of them are the most developed?
  • How the cloud competences impact the competitiveness and the revenues of Polish companies?

You will get to know the answers!

The report covers the voices of 252 large and medium companies from various branches of economy (e.g. IT, banking, trade, public administration). It also shows how answers differ, depending of the size of the company. The research has been realized by IDG Poland SA (, in partnership with and Oktawave ( Katarzyna Materka, our Operation Manager and Head of the Cloud Computing Solutions Department in, cooperated in the creation of this study and report. She is also one of the expert commenting the report.