For the past several years, big CSP are heavily investing in the Edge infrastructure and multi/hybrid cloud approach to tackle, among others, stringent requirements stemming from the telecom industry amid 5G rollout.

The approach includes 2 tracks:

  1. First one is to expand the infrastructure to the Edge, which allows the deployment of 5G applications and telco functional blocks (Google’s GMEC, Microsoft’s Azure Edge Zones, Amazon’s AWS Wavelength);
  2. Second is to provide a multicloud and/or hybrid cloud experience which can combine on premise private clouds with benefits of the scalability of public providers but also to enable cross-platform operations (Google’s Anthos, Microsoft’s Azure Arc).

The offer will enable the migration of telco operators to the COTS platform and, in the long run, reduce CAPEX and OPEX investments. MORPHEMIC project, as an extension of MELODIC solution, perfectly fits in this picture by the inherent support of multicloud and Edge deployment. The benefits over its peer solutions, including those mentioned above, can be also found in the research done by Marta Różańska (University of Oslo), which can be found here:

More information please find in the article: