Stop overpaying

to a single cloud provider!

Reduce up to 60% of your cloud costs by switching automatically between the most reasonable cloud offers.

MORPHEMIC in numbers

cost reduced
0 %
cloud failures prevented
satisfied clients
80 %

5 steps
to start off with MORPHEMIC

  • 1.Request our free assistance

    Our team will contact you to fully demonstrate how the system works and guide you through the process.

  • 2. Install the application

    Download and deploy the MORPHEMIC platform.

  • 3. Optimize your cloud

    Connect your cloud providers, model application and deploy in the optimized, multicloud environment.

  • 4. Enjoy the flexible cloud world!

Who will benefit from MORPHEMIC?

Any company intensively using... computing ...manual deployment
SIngle cloud provider
❌ High, unpredictable and difficult to control cost
❌ The applications and ICT systems are manually or semi-manually deployed
multi-cloud solution
✅ Switch fully automatically to the most optimal cloud provider for your current needs
✅ Deploy application components in cloud agnostic way to the integrated cloud providers
✅ Control and reduce your costs
✅ Use infrastructure as code in fully automatic way

The problem

AI Investments is using computationally intensive machine learning algorithms for investments portfolio optimization, which requires expensive servers with GPU.


We used Morphemic to dynamically provision VMs with GPU in the cloud according to actual needs. The optimal offers for GPU are selected, based on current conditions.

The result

Over 60% of cost savings!


Success story

AI Investments case


Piotr Chomczyk

CEO Renderro

MORPHEMIC, thanks to advanced multicloud optimization capabilities, allows Renderro to optimize cost of cloud usage. As Renderro is intensively using expensive cloud resources with GPU, the cost savings are key business factor for us.

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