RCIS event aims to bring together scientists, researchers, engineers and practitioners from a wide range of information science fields and to provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and dissemination. RCIS 2022 will continue paying attention to traditional themes and topics at the conference (not limited to):

This time Alessandra Bagnato from Softeam will represent the MORPHEMIC consortium at the RCIS 2022 having the paper presentation: “The MORPHEMIC Project and its Unified User Interface”. Authors of the paper are: Amina Moussaoui, Alessandra Bagnato & Etienne Brosse from Softeam, Józefina Krasnodębska and Paweł Skrzypek from 7bulls. The paper presentation will be held 19 May 2022. More information you can find at: https://www.rcis-conf.com/rcis2022/