26 October 2021 took place the H-CLOUD Technical Community Event with MORPHEMIC and MELODIC. Event was held on-line. Geir Horn from the University of Oslo, Maria Di Girolamo from Engineering, Etienne Brosse from Softeam, Maciej Riedl from 7bulls.com and Pawel Skrzypek represented AI Investments conducted the 2h workshop entitled: “Proactive and polymorphic adaptation of multi-cloud deployments”. It was a great opportunity to present the MORPHEMIC project, which is based on the results of the MELODIC solution. The project ended with success in 2020.

The whole video from the workshop as well as presentations and overal insights you can find here: https://www.h-cloud.eu/news/insights-from-the-horizon-cloud-october-community-event-feat-morphemic/