DevFest 2020 brought together thousands of developers globally and shared passion for Google technologies. For DevFest 2020, Google Developer Groups from Poland came together in a whole new way – virtually for one day:

MELODIC solution and MORPHEMIC project (as an extension of MELODIC), was presented by Paweł Skrzypek from 7bulls. Speach entitled: “Forecasting based proactive optimization of cloud resources” highlighted a novel concept of advanced adaptation of cloud resource using predicted demand for Cloud resources with it all benefits. The presentation showed the practical examples of the novel approach to proactive optimization of cloud resources based on dynamical and anticipated use of resources. The prediction of application workload is provided as input to the advanced, machine learning based solvers which calculate the optimal deployment plan for the application to anticipate the future needs.

Paweł presented the latest state of the art methods used for forecasting, like ES-Hybrid and advanced Monte Carlo Tree Search based solvers which are used to find the optimal solution.