The significant development of the bio-informatics and progress in the genom data processing opens new opportunities for the humankind to improve the health, cure disease and make the life better. On the other hand, the bio-informatics applications requires huge amount of processing power to perform the tasks. Till that time it was possible only for the biggest companies and organisation to be able to process genom related data effectively. Now everything this has been changed!

Genom data processing

One of that application is genom mutation comparison with reference genom data. It compares the complete genom of the particular person with the reference data to find the probability of mutation and diseases. It requires huge amount of computing power. And here, the usage of MELODIC multicloud optimisation platform comes with help. MELODIC is able to optimise and automatically deploy the genom application with focus on cost savings, but with finishing computation in the given time frame. Thanks to analyse of thousands of cloud providers offers MELODIC is able to choose the most optimal way of deployment. And saves thousands of euro on the cost of resources. It also introduces the new, innovative models and approach allows creation of the innovative, cloud-based services in that area. These services will be in particular beneficial for the SMEs and public sector in the health area, because they don’t require significant investments upfront and could be used and paid according to usage.

It is possible only thanks to MELODIC platform which, allows for the multi-cloud, dynamic, runtime optimisation. Deploying Genom (and other health related, highly computation intensive) applications with MELODIC, we have the benefits of dynamically managed and optimised cloud resources, due to using model@runtime, near real time optimisation. MELODIC allows to select best deployment offer from multiple cloud providers and even more, allows to dynamically manage the deployment. It means that in case of increasing processing time additional resources are added. When the time of processing fits the constraints MELODIC starts to dynamically decommissioned unnecessary resources.

The MELODIC Release 2.0 provides complete, stable environment to deploy Secure Documents cloud services and to provided the best possible initial and runtime deployment optimisation for the multi-cloud deployment. It also leverage the usage of the modern Cloud Computing models to unlock their potential to deploy new and innovative cloud-based services in the health area. Very important, in particular for business usage, is the minimisation of the cost. It allows much wider usage of the highly advanced and computational demanding services for SMEs and public sector.