use cases


Melodic helps CE-Traffic calculate road traffic and people flow information.

  • Effortless switching between cloud providers minimizes cost.
  • Big-data-cloud complexity made easy.
  • On-time results.

CAS Software

Melodic helps CAS develop app store-like ecosystem of business apps.

  • Apps for project management, work scheduling, contact management, etc.
  • Solutions by external developers complementing the CAS CRM/xRM offering.
  • Access to a large selection of cross-platform apps.
  • Adapting apps and tailoring functionality for individual needs.


SaaS solution for secure document management with full access/flow control and approving operations with digital signature.

  • Move to private cloud without vendor-lock-in, significantly lowering the cost.
  • Innovative SMEs deploying data-intensive applications in the cloud.
  • Disaster recovery installation for application using different cloud services providers.

7bulls in collaboration with the Computer Center at the University of Białystok

7bulls will adapt MELODIC to processing sensitive data that are easy to be partitioned and anonymised by splitting data and metadata: genome, protein and video data sets.

  • Data/metadata separation, data partitioning/distribution with proper security mechanisms, support for processing it on distributed nodes and gathering results.
  • Low entrance and operational costs for data-intensive research.