Melodic won “Best in Cloud”!

We are proud to annouce that MELODIC multi cloud optimization platform is the WINNER of the Best in Cloud 2019 competition in category “Efficiency and integration”! It’s the most prestigious awards for cloud computing products in Poland. The award is received by Katarzyna Materka, MELODIC WP leader and Functionizer coordinator! Thank you to polish most innovative CIOs for choosing MELODIC!

Melodic Release 2.0 published

We are proud to announce that the Release 2.0 of MELODIC Multi-cloud optimization platform has been published and is available to download. It’s the stable release which could be used to deploy and optimize application in the Multi-cloud environment. MELODIC Release 2.0 supports the deployment of virtual machines, Docker containers, Big Data Framework -The SPARK Big Data framework and serverless components on AWS, Azure and Open Stack platform. …

Professor Skeie from University of Oslo speaks about Melodic at two conferences

Prof. Tor Skeie from University of Oslo participated as an invited speaker two events: SC17, that took place in Denver, Colorado, on 13-16 November 2017 and Birds-of-a-Feather session ISC ’18, that took place in Frankfurt, Germany, on 24-28 June. The topic of the sessions was Building Efficient Clouds for HPC, Big Data, and Deep Learning Middleware and Applications” and professor Skeie presented Melodic as a possible middleware solution to tackle the requirements of big data and HPC application deployments across multiple cloud platforms.

Other materials and presentations on conferences​ and events​

  • X European Economic Congress – Poland, Katowice May, 14-16 May 2018​
  • “Business Analytics” seminar at Warsaw School of Economy, 24 May 2018
  • XI Polish ITS Congress, 22 May 2018​
  • “Geometrical Methods in Physics” seminar at Polish Academy of Science, 16 May 2018​
  • Reading Club meeting at Tooploox, 9 May 2018​
  • QuantFin Startups Day at MIMUW, 8 May 2018​

Intermediate Release

Introduction of new approach to optimization of the cloud deployment, with limiting possible solution space to speed up the solution finding. New, more flexible and advanced monitoring and reporting solution based on Esper (instead of Metric Collector from PaaSage framework). All components of the Melodic platform have been implemented in Docker images and run within Docker Swarm – to allow for very easy and flexible deployment of the platform itself. Advanced utility functions for use case applications have been designed and implemented.

For more information and source code of Melodic check-out this link.