First release

First release of Melodic is available for download.

Melodic ( is an enterprise software for doing the impossible: making multi-cloud manageable.

Almost all companies use cloud services for their systems. There is nothing new about it. In practice this leads to vendor lock-in scenarios. Companies depend on one cloud provider and changing this provider is very time consuming and practically impossible. It’s certainly advantageous from the perspective of Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, but can be disastrous to cloud users.

An alternative option exists: multi-cloud. However, without automation it is simply not possible. Manual management of different cloud providers, with different admin panels and reacting to real life load changes is a pipe dream.

Imagine running custom e-commerce software or billing system in the cloud. Melodic monitors your systems and understands its changing needs. Armed with this knowledge Melodic can calculate best mix of cloud services from different cloud providers to run your system and automatically deploy it. No burdensome manual work is required. Potential of human error is almost zero.

First release of Melodic enables companies to build proof of concept solutions that will validate the approach of multi-cloud automation and prove that switching cloud providers is something rather easy in 2018.

Melodic is 100% Open Source. The idea is simple: we can’t fight cloud vendor lock-in by delivering closed, proprietary solution to manage offers from cloud providers.

For more information and source code of Melodic check-out our website: